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Ryukyu Kempo Karate and Kobudo

Ryukyu Kempo Karate is an ancient Okinawa Life Protection System. Ryukyu Kobudo is the study of weaponry that complements Ryukyu Kempo Karate providing a Total Life Protection Experience.

Ryukyu Kempo teaches the study and interpretation of Kata (forms or patterns) of pre-defined motions which contain the secrets of the old masters themselves.

The Life Protection skills contained in the kata are the results of over 500 years of real life combat.

Only a properly trained Instructor can unlock all the secrets of Kata.

When untrained teachers attempt to analyse the motion of kata, their interpretations are often unrealistic and are impractical to use in real life situations.

A properly trained Instructor in the Ryukyu Kempo Karate system understands the complexities of motion and the reality of a life-threatening situation. From this understanding, we analyse and practice only the most effective techniques derived from the motion of kata.

When our students study Ryukyu Kempo Karate empty hand Kata in conjunction with Ryukyu Kobudo weapons Kata, the two transform and provide an advanced Total Life Protection Experience.

What is Life Protection?

The ability to protect life is one of the greatest gifts than can be given. Whether it’s the study of First Aid technique, or the ability to render an harmless, Life Protection is a skill which builds confidence and capability within society.

Other martial arts teach self defence. The clue is in the words – “Self” “Defence” they only care about you protecting yourself.

Isn’t it more important to protect all life?

In the modern world, any action you are forced to take to protect your life, the lives of your loved ones, or the lives of anyone else can result in legal action being taken against you. The law allows you to use “Reasonable Force”

In Ryukyu Kempo Karate and Kobudo, we teach methods that render an attacker harmless while minimising the possibility of serious injury.

It’s all a part of our Total Life Protection Experience

Life Protection = Life Skills

The Okinawan warrior, or Bushi, was a highly skilled soldier, teacher and leader.

Their actions in society touched the lives of every Okinawan. They lead by example.

The very essence of Okinawan Life Protection became the core of the Life Skills which made the Bushi the backbone of Okinawan life.

Protectors of the people. Leaders of a country. Ambassadors to their world.

Unlike the Japanese samurai, for whom killing was a legal and acceptable part of their daily lives, the Okinawan Bushi respected the lives of their people and when required to act, took only the actions needed to bring peace.

In modern Karate, and other martial arts, this essence has been lost. In Ryukyu Kempo Karate, this is our Gold Standard.